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Today, on Friday 12 April 2024, excitement is in the air as the nation eagerly anticipates the results of the Euromillions draw 1728 in the UK National Lottery

As the evening draws near, anticipation reaches a fever pitch, with lottery enthusiasts and casual players alike eagerly awaiting the announcement that could potentially change their lives.

The upcoming draw is the culmination of weeks of hopeful anticipation, with dreams of luxury cars, exotic vacations, and financial security dancing in the minds of ticket holders across the country. In homes and offices, pubs and clubs, conversations buzz with speculation about the winning numbers and the potential windfall that awaits. For some, it's a chance to break free from the constraints of debt or financial hardship, while for others, it's an opportunity to fulfill lifelong dreams and ambitions.

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As the moment of truth approaches, hearts pound with excitement, fingers are crossed for luck, and prayers are whispered for good fortune. Tonight, the Euromillions results from draw 1728 will be revealed, unleashing a wave of emotions ranging from euphoria to disappointment, as the nation comes together to celebrate the lucky few who emerge victorious in this thrilling game of chance.

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Fri 12 Apr 2024, Draw 1728
Jackpot: £81,652,272      Machine: 14      Ball set: 19
UK Millionaire Maker code: ZLWN91063

Ball numbers
Lucky Stars
Match 5 +
2 Stars
Match 5 +
1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 +
2 Stars
Match 4 +
1 Star
Match 3 +
2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 +
2 Stars
Match 3 +
1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 +
2 Stars
Match 2 +
1 Star
Match 2
Euromillions Results draw 1728, Fri 12 Apr 2024

This is the order of Fri 12 Apr 2024 Euromillions draw results: number one two, followed by three, then the twelve.
The four went to him sixteen then the forty five.
The Luky Stars: two and eleven.

Draw number one thousand seven hundred twenty eight, with the machine 14 and using the set-ball 19.


Match five plus two stars: zero winners, with a prize of zero pounds each one. Which is a total of zero pounds.

Match five plus one star: zero winners, with a prize of zero pounds each one. Which is a total of zero pounds.

Match five: four winners, with a prize of fifteen thousand six hundred ten one and sixty pounds each one. Which is a total of sixty two thousand four hundred forty six and forty pounds.

Match four plus two stars: fourteen winners, with a prize of one thousand fifty one and thirty pounds each one. Which is a total of fourteen thousand seven hundred ten eight and twenty pounds.

Match four plus one star: two hundred sixty eight winners, with a prize of eighty four and sixty pounds each one. Which is a total of twenty two thousand six hundred seventy two and eighty pounds.

Match three plus two stars: six hundred thirty seven winners, with a prize of forty and sixty pounds each one. Which is a total of twenty five thousand eight hundred sixty two and twenty pounds.

Match four: five hundred seventy winners, with a prize of twenty eight and ninety pounds each one. Which is a total of sixteen thousand four hundred seventy three pounds.

Match two plus two stars: eight thousand three hundred ninety seven winners, with a prize of ten pounds each one. Which is a total of eighty three thousand nine hundred seventy pounds.

Match three plus one star: eleven thousand eight hundred seventy eight winners, with a prize of seven and fifty pounds each one. Which is a total of eighty nine thousand eighty five pounds.

Match three: twenty six thousand four hundred eighty four winners, with a prize of six and ten pounds each one. Which is a total of one hundred sixty one thousand five hundred fifty two and forty pounds.

Match one plus two stars: forty three thousand nine hundred seventy eight winners, with a prize of four and eighty pounds each one. Which is a total of two hundred ten one thousand ninety four and forty pounds.

Match two plus one star: one hundred sixty eight thousand four hundred ten nine winners, with a prize of three and seventy pounds each one. Which is a total of six hundred twenty three thousand one hundred fifty and thirty pounds.

Match two: three hundred eighty seven thousand eight hundred eighty two winners, with a prize of two and fifty pounds each one. Which is a total of nine hundred sixty nine thousand seven hundred five pounds.

UK Millionaire Maker: one winners, with a prize of one million pounds each one. Which is a total of one million pounds.

Euromillions Results, latest draw numbers.


Euromillions, latest draw.

EuroMillions is a popular lottery game played in multiple European countries, including the United Kingdom. The game was first introduced in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular lotteries in the world, with jackpots reaching into the hundreds of millions of pounds.

To play EuroMillions in the UK, players select five main numbers from a range of 1-50 and two Lucky Star numbers from a range of 1-12. The cost of a single ticket is £2.50, and players can enter up to seven lines per ticket. The draws take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The EuroMillions jackpot starts at €17 million and can roll over if it is not won. The largest jackpot in the history of the game was €190 million, which was won by a single ticket holder in Spain in October 2017. In addition to the jackpot, there are 12 other prize tiers, offering players the chance to win smaller prizes for matching fewer numbers.

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are relatively low, at around 1 in 139 million. However, the game has created many millionaires across Europe, including in the UK, and its large jackpots and exciting rollovers continue to attract players.

In addition to the main EuroMillions game, there are also various supplementary games offered by the UK National Lottery that are based on the EuroMillions draw. These games include Millionaire Maker, which guarantees that one UK player will win £1 million in each draw, and UK Millionaire Maker, which offers multiple £1 million prizes in a single draw.

Like other UK National Lottery games, a portion of the revenue from EuroMillions ticket sales goes towards supporting various charitable causes across the country. The game has raised billions of pounds for these causes since its introduction in the UK.

Overall, EuroMillions is a popular and exciting lottery game that offers players the chance to win life-changing sums of money. Its large jackpots and additional games have made it a firm favourite in the UK and across Europe, and its continued popularity means that it will likely remain a popular pastime for many years to come.

These were the Euromillions results from the draw 1728 of the date Fri 12 Apr 2024.

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