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Results of Today's Thunderball Draw: UK National Lottery - Winning Numbers Unveiled

As the country anxiously anticipated the announcement of the winning numbers for today's draw, the excitement around the Thunderball draw of the UK National Lottery reached a peak.

Ticket-clinging, hopeful participants from all around the nation were hoping for a moment that might change their lives. Excitement and expectation rose as the draw progressed, the drum rolled, and the winning combination showed itself.

The National Lottery's stringent procedures and regulations were followed throughout the draw, which revealed the winning numbers. When these numbers coincide with luck and opportunity, they have the power to change the lives of the lucky ticket holders by giving them a chance to enter a world of hopes and dreams come true.

The chance to win a sizable cash reward beckons to those who are lucky enough to match every number. Prizes for matching a subset of numbers range from modest sums to higher awards for those who manage to acquire the complete winning combination, including the Thunderball. The Thunderball draw is well-known for its power to change someone's life.

The Thunderball draw represents more than just the rewards; it's also a chance for dreams to come true and a ray of optimism. Every number that is selected speaks to the hopes of a great number of people; it may be a means of achieving financial freedom, fulfilling lifelong dreams, or having the ability to significantly impact someone's life.

If someone has a winning ticket, they must proceed according to the National Lottery's procedures in order to get their winnings. To ensure a safe and efficient claims procedure, it is essential to cross-check the numbers with the official results and follow the National Lottery's instructions.

Furthermore, the Thunderball draw is still going on, even for individuals whose numbers did not match the winning combination this time. The lottery's essence is found in its never-ending cycle, which creates new chances with every draw and fosters the idea that everyone may ever experience good fortune.

In the world of lotteries, the Thunderball draw continues to be a mainstay of excitement and expectation, bringing together individuals from all walks of life with the common goal of a better future. It captures the spirit of potential and serves as a constant reminder that aspirations may come true even in the face of great adversity.

The passion and excitement that surround today's Thunderball draw come to an end as the curtain rises on the next one, where new numbers will be chosen and new dreams will be sewn into the fabric of possibility. Until then, players look forward to the next chance to try their luck in this thrilling game of chance.

Wed 06 Dec 2023, draw 3395.

Machine: Excalibur1      Ball set: T3

Ball numbers
Match 5 + Thunderball
Match 5
Match 4 + Thunderball
Match 4
Match 3 + Thunderball
Match 3
Match 2 + Thunderball
Match 1 + Thunderball
Match 0 + Thunderball
Thunderball Results draw 3395, Wed 06 Dec 2023



This is how fortune came Wed 06 Dec 2023 Thunderball draw results: at the head was lucky by the thirteen, the next number was the two fifteen, the next number was three eighteen.
The next number was four twenty six and number five thirty two.
The thunderball: ten.

Draw number three thousand three hundred ninety five, with the machine Excalibur1 and using the set-ball T3.


Match five plus Thunderball: zero winners, with a prize of five hundred thousand pounds.

Match five: three winners, with a prize of five thousand pounds each one. Which is a total of fifteen thousand pounds.

Match four plus Thunderball: twenty five winners, with a prize of two hundred and fifty pounds each one. Which is a total of six thousand two hundred fifty pounds.

Match four two hundred eighty three winners, with a prize of one hundred pounds each one. A total of two thousand eight hundred thirty pounds.

Match three plus Thunderball: eight hundred fifty two winners, with a prize of twenty pounds each one. That is a total of seventeen thousand forty pounds.

Match three: ten thousand eight hundred forty three winners, with a prize of ten pounds each one. Totaling one hundred eight thousand four hundred thirty pounds.

Match two plus Thunderball: eight thousand nine hundred twenty eight winners, with a prize of ten pounds each one. Total: eighty nine thousand two hundred eighty pounds.

Match one plus Thunderball: thirty five thousand three hundred thirty nine winners, with a prize of five pounds each one. This is a total of one hundred seventy six thousand six hundred ninety five pounds.

Match zero plus Thunderball: forty two thousand five hundred seventy one winners, with a prize of three pounds each one. This is a total of one hundred twenty seven thousand seven hundred ten three pounds.

The total of the winners is: ninety eight thousand eight hundred forty four.
The total of the prizes is: five hundred sixty eight thousand seven hundred eight.

Draw 3395, Thunderball Results numbers.

These were the Thunderball results from the draw 3395 of the date Wed 06 Dec 2023.

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