Set For Life Results draw 494
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The results of today's draw for the UK National Lottery are available on SetForLife

Players from all around the country have once again been captivated by the SetForLife draw that is held by the United Kingdom National Lottery.

Players have the opportunity to win a reward that has the potential to alter their life in an irrevocable manner. Individuals were holding their breath in anticipation of the revelation of the winning numbers, which had the potential to alter the course of their lives irrevocably.

The SetForLife winning numbers were revealed in today's draw, which saw a great deal of anticipation and speculation among the participants. Fans of the lottery have been enthralled for a long time by the draw's appeal of a life-altering windfall, which is a considerable amount of £10,000 per month for thirty years. This is due to the draw's style of operation, which is creative.

These are the winning numbers that were selected at random for today's SetForLife draw. When you add these numbers to the price of a participant's ticket, you have the formula for an unrivalled financial future, which will ensure a significant amount of money each month for the following thirty years.

The announcement of this news announces the beginning of an exciting new chapter that is filled with many chances for those who have been lucky enough to have landed the winning combination. When they learn that they have the opportunity to get a guaranteed monthly income of ten thousand pounds for the foreseeable future, the hopes of a great number of individuals are realised. This number indicates the capacity to achieve goals that were previously considered to be unachievable, as well as the financial security, opportunities for personal growth, and freedom to pursue those goals.

Those individuals who took part in the SetForLife draw but did not receive the winning numbers have a strong sense of optimism and anticipation. This is because the thrill of the SetForLife draw brings joy to those who are fortunate enough to win. Due to the fact that it is a game of chance, the lottery is a source of inspiration for both optimism and innovation. As a result, many people continue to harbour the hope that the next draw will bring them a windfall of wealth.

The SetForLife draw of the UK National Lottery is a lot more than just a game of chance; it represents the potential of a brighter future and the fulfilling of goals that go beyond the boundaries of material possessions for an uncountable number of individuals.

While the fortunate winners begin on a future that is full of promise, the SetForLife draw continues to give, boosting the hopes of countless more who are waiting with bated breath for the next opportunity to alter their fortunes.

According to the outcomes of the draw, the world of the United Kingdom National Lottery is a place where everything is possible, and where dreams may be granted that are beyond the scope of anyone's wildest imagination.

In addition to delivering a message of hope and promise throughout the nation, winning statistics like these have the potential to improve the lives of individuals and bring about positive change. All of this is a result of SetForLife, which recognises that each draw is a chance to make a difference in the world.

Thu 07 Dec 2023, draw 494.


Machine: Excalibur1      Ball set: SFL2
Ball numbers
Life ball
5 + Life Ball
for 30 yrs
for 1 year
4 + Life Ball
3 + Life Ball
2 + Life Ball
Set For Life Results draw 494, Thu 07 Dec 2023



The fate of Thu 07 Dec 2023 Set For Life draw results: first of all the lucky one was the two, followed by the number three, the three went to him thirty seven.
The four went to him thirty nine the next number was five forty five.
The life Ball: one.

Draw number four hundred ninety four, with the machine Excalibur1 and using the set-ball SFL2.


Match five plus Life Ball: zero winners, with a prize of ten thousand pounds each month for thirty years.

Match five: one winners, with a prize of ten thousand pounds each month for one year.

Match four plus Life Ball: twenty three winners, with a prize of two hundred and fifty pounds each one. Which is a total of five thousand seven hundred fifty pounds.

Match four one hundred eighty seven winners, with a prize of fifty pounds each one. A total of nine thousand three hundred fifty pounds.

Match three plus Life Ball: eight hundred twenty nine winners, with a prize of thirty pounds each one. That is a total of twenty four thousand eight hundred seventy pounds.

Match three: eight thousand seven hundred sixty nine winners, with a prize of twenty pounds each one. Totaling one hundred seventy five thousand three hundred eighty pounds.

Match two plus Life Ball: eleven thousand nine hundred sixty winners, with a prize of ten pounds each one. Total: one hundred ten nine thousand six hundred pounds.

Match two: one hundred twenty nine thousand fifty one winners, with a prize of five pounds each one. This is a total of six hundred forty five thousand two hundred fifty five pounds.

The total of the winners is: one hundred fifty thousand eight hundred twenty.
The total of the prizes is: one million one hundred thousand two hundred five.

Draw 494: Set For Life Results numbers.

These were the Set For Life results from the draw 494 of the date Thu 07 Dec 2023.

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